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Team building for Haiti


Physical strength will be needed soon. The amazing thing is that God has prepared these young men for their upcoming trip to Haiti, where the physical will be used to increase the internal and spiritual strength. It will take courage, stamina, and endurance. They are ready. God has prepared well.

2 Samuel 22:32-33
For who is God besides the Lord?
And who is the Rock except our God?

It is God who arms me with strength
and makes my way perfect.


His amazing providence….

JP & Mom Christmas 2008

This is JP and his mom, Christi. He’s a perfectly normal 17 year old, facing the same challenges in this world that many kids his age do….. and some that many don’t. His dad and his mom are divorced, and he lives with his dad, step mom, and step-siblings.  He has faced those tough relationship issues that often come with family arrangements that are out of his control. He has done well. He has accepted his life gladly, and is a constant inspiration to all those he comes in contact with, each and every day.

 Today, JP had a situation that left him clinging to life. After having his wisdom teeth extracted early this morning, his mom returned him home to recoup and rest. About an hour after returning home, he had an adverse reaction to something he was given during the procedure, stopped breathing, had a siezure, and was rushed to the hospital. He is doing better now, and we thank God for that.

Today, quick intervention from people trained and placed by God in perfect position for just this very moment saved JP’s life. When he stopped breathing and was siezing, his step-mom, already trained in CPR and resuscitation procedures instinctively took action, then called the paramedics, and they transported him to the hospital…. followed closely by his mom and joined not too long after by her sister. Prayers by many were being sent up, thanks to the social media we are blessed with today, like Facebook and Twitter and the many others, not to mention the power of texting on the cell phone.  

Psalm 139, is such a powerful and  character-rich description of our God. He knows us, our ways…our thoughts…our every move each day….His hand goes before us and comes after us….we are fearfully and wonderfully made… and all our days are numbered and written down in His book before we even draw our first breath. 

JP knows His Savior, and He was called on today to help in JP’s need. We join with David today and as he rejoiced in the Psalm, we rejoice for God’s presence in our lives, His ever-present help in time of need, and His comforting hand in times of crisis. Most of all though, we are once again simply amazed and very thankful for the providence of God.

Get to know him today. 

“….your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”  Psalm 139:14

By the way, JP is my first grandchild, and his mom Christi, is our oldest daughter. Such blessings.


I am continually reminded how much of a difference God can make when we really let him lead. It’s so easy to take the control back when things seem to be getting a bit off track, not do those seemingly trivial things, and not speak the words at the time they are given. We think we have the better idea, the better time, the wisdom to “make the call”. Truth is, things will simply never turn out the way God intends them to when we rely on ourselves and our own experiences, no matter how powerful those experiences have been.

God directed Moses, gave him the words to say, even gave him someone else to say them, provided the exact time and place for the words to be spoken, and the results were a delivered people. Not on his time, but on God’s time. I’m sure Moses would have wanted them delivered much sooner, and would have eagerly avoided the many trials and uncomfortable dealings with many of the people.

God had the plan then, and He has the plan now. The rewards may not be for me, or for you, but for those that will come after us. The changes in lives may not be noticed by me or by you, but as we trust Him more, follow His direction, do those things He asks, and speak the words He directs, truly amazing results will be produced, and God will be glorified.